insport is a Disability Sport Wales programme that aims to support and challenge organisations to be more inclusive in their provision of sport and physical activity. There are four levels, starting with Ribbon and working up to Gold.

Organisations work through a list of aims at each level, developing their provision and providing evidence against each aim to demonstrate inclusive practice. 

There are currently four strands to insport:-

Insport Development - Each of the 22 local authorities are engaged in the insport programme, working to create an inclusive culture around the provision of sport and physical activity.  Merthyr Tydfil CBC are currently an insport Silver LA, working towards their Gold submission. 

Insport club – There are currently 13 clubs working towards insport in Merthyr, all of whom are at different stages of their development.  If your club has disabled members and you think you could be an insport club get in touch.

Insport National Governing body – NGB’s such as Tennis Wales, Wales Golf and the Welsh Rugby Union are currently working towards their relevant insport level to ensure their sports are inclusive across Wales.

Insport 3rd Sector – Organisations such as the Urdd and Street Games Wales work towards their insport levels, to ensure they are inclusive in their support and provision of sport and physical activity.

Merthyr Tydfil is also currently piloting insport education on behalf of Disability Sport Wales, with 3 local primary schools the first in Wales to work towards evidencing inclusive PE and extra-curricular sport

For any information on inclusive opportunities, either as a participant or a provider, get in touch.