Leadership in your area

Active Merthyr Tydfil run the Young Leaders and Young Ambassador programmes in primary and secondary schools across Merthyr Tydfil. Both programmes look to engage inactive children and encourage them to take part in sport and physical activity, and get others involved in sport and physical activity also. 

The Young Leaders programme has been running in the primary schools for over 4 years. To become a Young Leader the students need to apply by filling in an application form explaining why they want to be a Young Leader. The programme recruits a number of students in Year 6, they are then trained up by Active Merthyr Tydfil to be leaders and lead physical activity sessions on their school yards during break and lunch times. The Young Leaders are given mentoring and feedback from Active Merthyr Tydfil and are also given certificates as they make their way through the year. 

The Young Ambassador programme has recently been reintroduced into the secondary schools, the programme is aimed to continue the pathway for the students to continue their leadership journey into the secondary schools. The Young Ambassadors are in charge of purchasing sporting and physical activity equipment that they think the other students in the school would like to use. They then take the equipment out into the school yards for the other students to be active during break and lunch times.